GINA GRNW is a brand and social business created by Gina Grünwald, a fashion design student from Central Saint Martins. The brand presents itself as an alternative platform with a strong Zero Waste and upcycling DNA, challenging the destructive mainstream world of fast fashion.

At GINA GRNW we are doing things differently. As a social enterprise its aim is to battle the global social and environmental crises by one sale at a time, committing to donate from every sale to a selection of effective charities and NGOs.

Our limited accessories collection is handmade in our studios in London and Zurich. The unique studio pieces are entirely made out of upcycled acrylic glass, which gets locally sourced as off cuts from plexiglass factories.

The GINA GRNW ethos of colliding the old with the new, mirrors itself clearly in our current product range, where we mix high tech with modern craftswomanship.

Creative Direction     Gina Grünwald @ginagrnw

Concept & Webdesign     Studio Basic @studiobasic__

Photography & Set Design     Gina Grünwald @ginagrnw

Video Editing     Victoria Vorobeva @victoriavorob

Logo Animation     Studio Basic @studiobasic__